• The City of Compton Resource Guide provides information for existing and business enterprises interested in locating to this growing metropolis.
  • The City of Compton is one of the oldest cities in the county and on May 11, 1888, was the eighth city to incorporate.
  • The City of Compton is known as the “Hub City” due to its geographic centrality in Los Angeles County. Neighborhoods in Compton include Sunny Cove, Leland, Downtown Compton, and Richland Farms.
  • The City of Compton has 96,455 residents, served by roughly 300 proud City Workers.
  • The City of Compton purchases from outside suppliers at the departmental-level and managers have primary purchasing responsibilities for their respective department.

Location Decisions

The City of Compton Economic Development staff is happy to help you determine your site needs or identifying what sites are available and zoned for your type of business.  To get you started, here are a few things to consider:

Search the City of Compton’s Available Properties pages, or work with a commercial broker to identify potential locations.

If you are in need of a licensed broker to assist you with lease or sale there are numerous brokers serving the Gateway Cities area. Please visit the Compton Chamber of Commerce for a list of real estate brokers.

Remember: before signing a contract verify the sites have the correct zoning for your business. When in doubt, call the City of Compton Planning & Economic Development Department, (310) 605–5532.

Do not assume that the existence of a similar business or past business at the site means your new business will be acceptable.

Share with City of Compton staff what changes you will be making to the exterior of the property (i.e. signage) so that if any additional steps are required you can plan and budget as necessary.

Please contact the City of Compton Building & Safety Department, (310) 605-5509 to review the existing and necessary permits your business will need. Do you plan on changing signage or making more than cosmetic improvements?  You may need a permit.

Contact the utility companies [power and gas – Southern CA Edison and the Gas Company, respectively] serving the property to establish service and billing. AT&T is the telecommunications provider for local area network.

The demographic data for the City of Compton and surrounding area is essential to locating any enterprise to evaluate potential success. It is also an important part of a business plan in order to show possible lenders that there is or will be sufficient customers to support the business.